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Ahhh... !
26 August 2008

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South Beach
18 August 2008

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1 July 2008

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Capitol Hill
29 June 2008

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Purple Basil Flowers
16 June 2008

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Plywood Pile
5 April 2008

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Deli Sign
21 March 2008

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California Coast
11 March 2008

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Proud Family
2 March 2008

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Truck Boneyard
20 February 2008

Recent Comments

marianne on Over looking the City
wow the city that my son will visit in april ...........

marianne on Lonely Sea-lion
it's sleeping ........ a nice shot, I 'ld like to be there ...

marianne on Nap Time
what a nice dog !!! how hold is it ?

Reza on Over looking the City
nice shot

Reza on Over looking the City
really nice shot

Monique on Wills the Poser
He's beautiful your little poser! I've got 2 minpins also but your Wills ears seem so small, did they cut ...

Christie on Good Boy, Wills!
Cute Pup!!!

Christie on Family Shot - Take Two
Everyone is looking at the camera except for our mother. Who or where is she looking at?

farmermarn on Growing in the Rocks
Nice to see you back!

Christie on Railings
Love the perspective and the falls in the background-NICE!!!

Carole on Layin' Low
That is one perfect anus. Carole

Christie on Who wears the pants?
Perfect analogy-cute!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara on Wills
This puppy looks EXACTLY like my dog! He is about a year old (we rescued him from neglecting owners)- Is this guy a Min ...

Pavla on Layin' Low
sooo very, very cute!!!!!

Mackenzie on Here's My Bill
What a look! Great shot!

Justin on Here's My Bill
Nice wide angle use!

Christie on Covered in our Family
At least you can't say you are bored, right?!?!

shahnaz on Lap Nap
Oh myyyyy!! I love him! So cuteee!

Shawna on Lap Nap
He looks so happy

Judy on Lap Nap
Awwwwwwwww, what a cutie!

denise on A Tepee or A Wigwam?!
Interesting catch of persona...

kylie on Bob & Patrick
tee hee! :-) Funny image!

Christie on Riley-Jack
What a cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkElf on Morning's Light
nice capture! the water drops look fantastic!

farmermarn on Taking time to Enjoy the View
This is lovely6, you should frame it.

Marie Le Corre on Tied to the Mooring
Excellent composition

Mary on Haiti
great shot love the colours here

Volodia on One Little Crab
Really nice close up. Well done.

Emilio Garcia on One Little Crab
Nice close up. I wonder if a bit of darkening of the background would highlight better the crab?

Dimitrios on One Little Crab
superb close up, I like the colour

farmermarn on Hello
so pretty!

l.a. on All animals enjoying the Beach
What a great shot. I always try to catch these little guys on the beach, but they are too quick for me. Well done!

jamesy on All animals enjoying the Beach
Like this photo well balanced

farmermarn on Fun in the Sun
Nice to see you back! M

JFK on Mr. Turtle
I think I uploaded the wrong pic... uh-ho!

Christie on Mr. Turtle
Where is the turtle?

Christie on More Gators

Christie on Wrought Iron
This is beautiful!!!!!!

Double KK Photography on Unhappy Kitty
good photo perfect title

Kent on Swimming Along
Wonderful picture.

farmermarn on Water Plants
Lovely! I'm going to miss seeing you on vacation! Marni

shahin on Lil' Giraffe
beautiful eyes

farmermarn on Lil' Giraffe
YAY! It's my beautiful boy!

Ras on John is Dead
I see them seeing God or something.

Michael A. Wollen on John is Dead
I don't see a Beatles cover, I see them outside the pearly gate and being told there's only room for five ...

dj.tigersprout on Reflection
marvelous atmosphere! love the blue hue! lighting is superb!

Vink on Reflection
Excellent atmosphere ! Great shot !

farmermarn on Ginger enjoying the Garden
Ginger has been enjoying the garden for a LONG TIME now!!

crafts on Lovey reading up on birds
I thought he wants to imitate the cat which was played in "early edition" movie serials. He's so cute ...

Christie on Friend or Dinner?!?
I love Beckham's playground and I can't tell if Sugar is bird watching or watching the bird!!

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